Mother’s Day

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And Bake!

So, Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and what better way to treat your mum than baking her a fabulous cake, or treating her to Afternoon Tea! We love to bake for our guests at Mill House, so we thought we’d share a couple of our recipes  with you…

We made this Berry and Cream Sponge for Valentine’s day, but it’ll be just as fantastic for mum and made with love!

Instant Strawberry Gateau (James Martin Recipe)



1 x 25cm flan sponge cake

Orange liqeur for drizzling

450ml double cream

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped

1 handful raspberries

300g large strawberries

300g mixed berries


Half the sponge using a large knife and keep turning the cake.

Lay bottom half of flan into a springform tin and drizzle with orange liqeur

Half the strawberries making sure they are all the same size and lay around the outside, cut side facing out.

Whip the cream add raspberries and vanilla seeds and a little vanilla paste until it thickens.

Add most of the berries to the middle of the cake. Fill the centre with the cream and place the other flan piece on top.

Cover with icing sugar and crosshatch a pattern using a hot skewer.

Decorate with remaning fruit.

Coffee and Walnut Cake Recipe


250g softened butter, plus extra for tins.

100ml strong black coffee 9 made with 2 tbsp coffee granules)

280g self-raising flour

250g golden caster sugar

½ teaspoon baking powder

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

85g walnut, 2 tbsp roughly chopped


100g icing sugar, sifted, plus a little extra for dusting

150ml double cream

100g mascarpone at room temperature

Heat oven to 180c/160c fan/gas 4

Butter 2 x 20cm round cake tins and line with parchement. Set aside 1 tbsp of the coffee for the filling.

Beat the butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, vanilla and half the remaining coffe in a large bowl with a n electric whisk until lump free.  Fold in the finely chopped walnuts, then divide between the tins and roughly spread. Scatter the roughly chopped walnuts over one of the cakes.  Bake the cakes for 25-30 mins until golden and risen, and a skewer poked in comes out clean.  Drizzle the plain cake with the remaining coffee.  Cool the cakes in the tins.

Meanwhile, make the filling; beat together the icing sugar, cream and mascarpone, then fold in the reserved 2 tablespoons coffee. Spread over the plain cake, then cover with the walnut cake and more icing. Decorate with whole walnuts.

Taken from Good Food Magazine.

Afternoon Tea

And, if you don’t fancy baking, why not book your mum in for a break at Mill House Bed and Breakfast? Not only will mum receive a free slice of cake when she arrives this weekend, you can always book an Afternoon Tea for her to enjoy as well!



Winter at Mill House

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The Effects of a Winter Storm


We’re pleased to say it’s a little warmer than it was last week, following Storm Emma. It was very beautiful though, with a thin covering of snow. You can see our new gazebo that’s been built on our grounds in the picture below. It will be ready in the summer, dressed for some vintage afternoon teas.


We also took some pictures of the river. In the time we have been at Mill House, which is over 15 years, we have never seen the river frozen. It was quite amazing to see!

Thankfully our guests have been cosy in the house and have enjoyed some hearty home cooked food for breakfast in the morning. Spring will be upon us in no time and we hope to share some pictures of the gardens starting to bloom!


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At last I have been able to harvest some strawberries for our Jam, its been a poor year with very little sun they have struggled to ripen unlike last year when I had so many we actually got fed up with them! If you are lucky enough to be staying with us on a strawberry picking morning, what could be better than a few with your breakfast!

Tractor Pulling At Great Eccleston

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Great eccleston tractor pull

Great Eccleston plays host to the UK Championship finals for Tractor Pulling – “The World’s Most Powerful Motor Sport” with some machines producing in excess of 9000 horsepower.

The event is held at the Great Eccleston show ground on 29th and 30th August, for more information please click here. Mill House bed and breakfast is just a few minutes drive away – so why not make a break of it!


Great Beginnings At Mill House

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Welcome to Mill House!! Great beginnings – after much building work and frantic scurrying around we are delighted to have welcomed our first guests here in July. It was a pleasure to meet them, the weather was superb and they were all able to sit by the river and enjoy the sunshine with a glass of wine. We are so pleased that they enjoyed their stay and left us such a lovely review.

We are very lucky here at our Garstang bed and breakfast to be surrounded by great places to eat, I always recommend The Punchbowl and The Horns Inn, both are within walking distance and offer a good mix of quality pub food, The Horns Inn’s speciality being Tapas, which is delicious and just a little different.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our next guests very soon, that’s all for now but we have more exciting plans ahead!  Watch this space for that and news of upcoming events in our area.